Panel Changeout

Is your panel a potential fire hazard? Not enough juice? It may be time to install a nice new 200 amp electrical panel. Give us a call and we would be happy to come assess your needs and review your options.


Lighting / Ceiling Fans

Are you in need of lighting upgrades? Maybe you would like a chandelier hung or a nice ceiling fan. Or possibly some nice recessed lighting. We can take care of that for you.



Switches & Dimmers

Many new homes are built as cheap as possible. That means you probably didn't get any dimmer switches. Or maybe you have an older home that needs better switch locations. We can take care of that also.




Receptacles can fail over time. It happens. If you lose a GFCI receptacle it could cause you to lose power in several places. Maybe you have an older home and like many others, you just don't have enough places to plug in. No worries. We'll fix it.

Network Wiring

If you have a home or business that requires addition places to hook into your network give us a call. Whether it be for your modem or router, point of sale connection or any other data needs.



Shed & Barn Connections

Wanting to turn that shed into a wood shop? You're gonna need some power. Maybe you need some lighting in the barn? Give us a call. We'll fix you up.



Bending conduit is an art form. We take it seriously and pride ourselves in installing professional work. We also do underground. If you need some conduit run give us a shout.

Panel Assessment

There are a few panels out there that are a known fire hazard. If you have had a home inspection done they may have advised you to contact a licensed electrician. Maybe you are just concerned about the quality of your panel, or question whether or not it is overloaded? Give us a call and we can come give a professional assessment.